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Being a surfer and an ocean lover isn’t a hobby, it’s a core value.

We designed Raising Surfers with the mindset of the coastline being a connector to all things good.  A willful way to ignite the power of positivity in these communities with equal parts love and consistency of waves breaking on the shoreline. 

Raising Surfers is a community of water-dwellers who aspire to have better tomorrows for the generations to come. Did you know 76% of deaths that involve children younger than age 5  are drowning-related. Children in communities in need are 5.5 times more likely to drown. Join us in our movement to infuse the world with more swimmers and less statistics and always, more surfers!

Raising Surfers sponsors swim lessons in communities of need throughout the United States. During the summer months, Raising Surfers sponsors swim lessons coast to coast.


The Mission Band

Raising Surfers is committed to providing opportunities for kids to learn to swim and  surf.


Proceeds from Mission Band sales fund sponsorships of swim & surf lessons.

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