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18k gold-plated, twisted rope chain with a shell pendant.

47cm + 5 cm chain length


This necklace speaks the language of water-dwelling souls. There are people looking for light in the darkness and there are those who shine their light for others. This necklace is named after someone who truly is a light. In moments of despair, uncertainty and worry--- someone used the sand as the canvas, the shells as their tools and provided hope without prompting. They always say to stay near people who feel like sunshine and SHE IS JUST THAT. If you are in the OCNJ area or nearby, you know who this is and if you don't, just know there REALLY are incredible people that you can find on the coastline. Wear this piece proudly and as a reminder that the water gives peace when you need it and beautiful people exist in this world.

The Mother Gypsea

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